FB Launches Collaboration with Culinary School

Farm Bureau’s Promotion and Education Committee on Tuesday announced a collaboration with culinary school Escoffier. Committee Chairman Daryn Westergard says AFBF and Escoffier will collaborate on farm-to-table cooking events, annual Convention, and other projects.

“It is a collaboration between the AFBF P&E committee as well as Escoffier culinary arts school. It will be used to help bridge the gap for consumers between field to fork and help our members have the tools that they need to share their story and in doing so the story of agriculture.” 

Westergard says the partnership brings together culinary arts and agriculture.

‘It makes sense for those that grow the food to be able to help teach the ones that help prepare the food. I see it educating, it’s engaging, that will hopefully help members and the culinary arts students do what they need to do.” 

Westergard says he’s excited to see where the collaboration will go in the future.

“It’s exciting to be able to partner and collaborate with those that prepare the food and those that are growing food. It’s going to be exciting to see what can come out of this collaboration in the future. It’s in its baby steps right now, but it will be fun.” 

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