House Ag Holds Missouri Farm Bill Listening Session

Members of the House Agriculture Committee attended the Missouri State Fair on Monday, holding a farm bill listening session. Chairman Glenn “GT” Thompson reports several common themes from farmers and ranchers.

“I think one of the things that is kind of interesting, that makes a lot of sense, is some type of domestic promotion program for hardwoods. We do great programs with foreign market development and market access program for foreign trade and working foreign markets. Also heard consistently we need to do a better job investing in that, those are at the same level as when they were created. If I can find the money and it’s a matter of finding money and moving it around.” 

Increasing reference prices for commodities is another priority for Missouri farmers.

“Especially because of inflation, and the margin, reference prices today for many of the commodities are not really in a position to be helpful. But I do think that, interesting concept, looking at domestic markets and what can we do more to promote those domestic markets? Obviously, that’s market access, whether it’s domestic or foreign, is incredibly important for our farmers and ranchers.” 

Missouri Republican Representative Mark Alford hosted the event.

“I think we accomplished what we wanted to do today because we got our community together. This was not about me. This isn’t about GT or anybody else up here, this was about the people who showed up and let us know what was on their hearts, souls and minds when it comes to the farm bill. This is a national issue, unless we take in the information from the nation, we’re not going to be able to deliver the product that’s going to benefit everyone.” 

The House Ag Committee is expected to release the draft 2023 Farm Bill in September.