Outstanding First Half of ’23 for Pork Exports

Focusing on the diversity of the market opportunities for U.S. pork has paid off during the first half of 2023. June exports were up 12 percent in value from a year ago. Kelli Wicks, manager of international market development for the National Pork Board said the growth for pork goes beyond Mexico.

“We are going in the Philippines and Malaysia and we’re regaining market share in the rest of Southeast Asia. And that can be largely due to European pork prices increasing and their herd size is decreasing. And so, we’re able to position U.S. pork a bit differently in those markets.” 

Wicks said China continues to grow, up 24 percent over a year ago in volume and up 20 percent in value.

“Variety meats really dominate in that market and that’s where we tend to excel in China and they’re our number one buyer of those variety meats. It’s exciting to see that and know that we still are able to sell to China, though it is not our primarily focus of the market for us.” 

When it comes to increasing demand around the world for U.S. pork, Courtney Knupp, vice president of international market development, said the second half will continue to focus on expanding select markets.

“You know, our bucket list, this return to Asia demand and market share growth, it’s just key. The value of the U.S. pork as a brand and creating differentiation is coming to fruition. We’ll have a number of initiatives where we’re bringing importers and exporters together in this region and will be participating in a number of USDA Agricultural trade missions.” 

The National Pork Board partners with the U.S. Meat Export Federation to promote U.S. product, and they see the second half to continue to gain momentum in not only Mexico, but the Asia-Pacific markets. Visit USMEF’s website for the press release analyzing the export data.