NC Commissioner Troxler: County Fair Time!

As we head into the end of summer and beginning of fall, that means it is fair time in North Carolina. The state is home to 32 county and regional agricultural fairs from the mountains to the coast. These community events celebrate their people and their talents, and they highlight local contributors to the state’s $103.2 billion agriculture and agribusiness industry.

  • The last part of summer always reminds me that fair season is underway in North Carolina. It is something I look forward to and I know my grandkids look forward to as well.
  • Regional and county fairs are held across the state beginning in August and run through the end of October.
  • Not only do these fairs showcase the talents of people in the community, but they also highlight local agriculture and the people who help make our state’s agriculture and agribusiness industry the success it is today.
  • Did you know that in order to be called a fair, there must be agricultural displays as part of the event? Statewide, we have 32 regional and county agricultural fairs planned.
  • Showcasing agriculture is important in helping people understand where their food comes from and helping people understand the $103.2 billion impact of agriculture in the state.
  • The first one of the season – the Surry County Agricultural Fair — wrapped up last weekend.
  • This week the six-day Drexel Community Fair is being held in Burke County. In the Eastern part of the state, the Cumberland County Fair is coming up Sept. 1-10.
  • Of course, the Mountain State Fair and the N.C. State Fair are fast approaching – 18 days until the Mountain State Fair, Sept. 8-17, and 51 days until the State Fair Oct. 12-22.
  • I hope listeners will go out and support their local community fairs and I hope we will see them at the Mountain State Fair or the N.C. State Fair, too.