Harvest Updates Available via Email

The DEKALB, Asgrow and Deltapine seed brands are offering harvest emails again this season, enabling farmers to receive local harvest data delivered automatically to their email inbox, says technical agronomist Scott Stanislav.

“Growers have a lot of choice when it comes to products that they could potentially purchase to plant in their given area, and success for ‘24 really does start by making a very smart decision on seed purchases.  And what these emails provide are detailed information by plot, including the location, soil type, planting and harvest data, as well as yield and moisture. Growers can receive these emails at no charge by signing up at”

“Localized data, it’s very important just to see how products performed across multiple plots within a given area. Even though they may not have had those particular products on their farm, they will know a grower that had an opportunity to look at these products and can communicate with them locally on the results that they saw on their farm.”

He encourages farmers to evaluate multi-year data where possible, although that information is not included in the harvest emails.

“I’m always an advocate of looking at multiple years’ worth of data to be able to see how a product performs because at the end of the day stability is what brings success to a farm. And so, we want to look at multiple years’ worth of data, see what products can stand out across those multiple years, because every year is a little bit different. One year we may have ample rainfall and higher yields and next year we may be in a bad drought. So, looking for those trends across multiple years and seeing what’s really stable is key to success on a grower’s farm.”