Spreading the Word about 22007 Financial Assistance Program

If you are a farmer or forest land owner and you feel that USDA had discriminated against you in its foreign programs, and that the discrimination happened before January 1 of 2021, you may be eligible for financial assistance through a program called Section 22007. A USDA program created last year by the inflation Reduction Act. Monica Raingeis one of the USDA coordinators of that program. She says everyone working on this is trying to get the word out about the program using just about every method there is right. Yes, absolutely. She says USDA is very earnest about reaching everyone who might be eligible to apply and giving them a clearer idea…

…about what is available to them how to apply and where to obtain assistance with their questions at each step of the way.

One of the misunderstandings floating around about the program is that you need a lawyer in order to apply. Monica says no.

This program does not require you to have an attorney to file your application. You can complete your application with the assistance of our vendors who are available in about 30 brick and mortar locations across the country in 26 states. Or you can work with one of our cooperator organizations to complete your application.

Now of course the more documentation of discrimination that you have supporting your application, the better.

However, we do recognize that in some cases, individuals may not have documents because of discrimination happened many years ago, 1020 30 years ago. And so in instances like that the application provides ample space for you to tell your story to be sure that we could determine from the information you provide that discrimination did occur.

Speaking of information, take a little moment here to grab something to write with two ways to find out more about this program one, go online and search 22007 Program Apply. Or if you have questions or would rather talk to an expert one on one call this number. It’s 800-721-0970.