Deltapine Cotton Growers Seeing Good Pest Control

Deltapine’s ThryvOn Technology has been gaining a foothold in the southeast with cotton growers. And Deltapine technical agronomist Zack Webb has been telling us for some time how it’s been making believers out of skeptics. At a recent Bayer Field Day I asked him for an update.

Well, you know, we just came out of a terrible thrip pressure here. And we saw this cotton grow off extremely fast when other cotton was just wasn’t growing, because we were just handling it. And now we’re seeing extremely good fruit retention in ThryvOn cotton. We’re not losing as much and those guys who are having to spray a lot for plant bugs, we’re seeing some better retention than we do the non-ThryvOn. and that’s going to fill up earlier with fruit. That’s going to kind of make that cotton variety early up a little bit and we’re not given up yield when we do that.

Webb says one big benefit is the earlier harvest date.

It’s going to put us into field harvesting earlier, which is always a good thing for us because everybody in eastern North Carolina and on the East Coast knows at any point in time, the weather can go sour, and in November the days get shorter, the nights get longer and the growing hours really get reduced.

He says the growers no this technology works.

The question we get a lot is around varieties, will they perform, pricing, and things like that. And I think most of the guys we talked to on price think it’s priced very fairly. And as far as performance goes, you know, we’re talking about the new varieties and even the ones we launched that are very strong varieties. But every year we look at new stuff, and we always try to improve, whether its ThryvOn or not ThryvOn, we’re always trying to improve those yields and the performance level and we’re seeing the same thing with ThryvOn. The new varieties are even raising the bar a little bit higher on yield. So those guys are looking at that, that yield potential piece is there and they’re kind of putting this all together saying okay, I’ve got thrip control, this will give me some protection from plant bugs. I’m gonna be earlier. There’s a lot of things we’re adding to plant ThryvOn cotton.

The pest management feature is a true selling point as well.

Check with your Deltapine retailer or technical agronomist for more information.