Soy Plays Dual Role in Food Security, Sustainable Energy

A versatile commodity, soybeans are used in everything from biofuels to artificial turf to protein for humans and animals. With the growing demand for soybeans, U.S. Soy continues to meet this demand for both food and fuel. United Soybean Board Director Lawrence Sukalski shares more about soy’s dual role in food security AND sustainable energy.

“Innovation and sustainable on-farm practices allow us to raise more soy while conserving our natural resources. From animal ag to biofuels, we’re growing and processing more soy than ever before. Yields are predicted to grow one-half bushel per acre per year. On our farm, we utilize biodiesel, high oleic oils, Skechers® shoes, and much more made from soy.”

He says farmers continue feeding and powering the planet while reducing their environmental impact.

“U.S. soy is critical to make the renewable biomass diesel fuel. We’re also making renewable diesel fuel and sustainable aviation fuel. I’m a fourth-generation farmer. I want to preserve the land for my children, their children, and many generations to come. Biodiesel and renewable diesel produce 74 percent less greenhouse gases than petroleum diesel.”

Sukalski says United Soybean Board’s Whole Bean campaign highlights soy’s role in providing both food and fuel, as well as how U.S. Soy innovation is a key contributor to the clean energy transition.

“Soybeans have a campaign called Whole Bean. It highlights the story of providing both food and fuel and how U.S. soy’s innovation is a key contributor to the clean-energy transition. There’s an incredible potential for soy and biobased plastics and many more alternatives for hundreds of everyday products. The U.S. and its soy farmers lead the world in innovation. U.S. farmers spend more money on innovation per acre than any other competing nation.”

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