Farmers Debunk Claims They Profit from Crop Insurance

Crop insurance is an important risk management tool that keeps America’s farmers growing after disaster and helps protect our national food security. With Congress deliberating on a Farm Bill, National Crop Insurance Services visited farmers in the field to hear their stories. Farmers agree: crop insurance must be protected and strengthened.

In California, National Crop Insurance Services spoke to specialty crop growers who have faced weather ranging from drought to excessive moisture. No matter the challenge or the crop, crop insurance has quickly delivered aid. Sixth-generation farmer Alex Wilson grows pears and cherries, and is grateful for the protection provided by crop insurance.

“Crop insurance is a tool … it’s definitely a tool that can, especially in natural disaster situations, can make a huge difference for the next year. It can help your operation continue on.  I want Congress to know that there are family farms that depend on crop insurance. And crop insurance is a tool that we use to continue on to that next year, to continue on the family farming legacy.” 

On the other side of the country, farmers on the East Coast shared similar views, including first-generation Delaware farmer Corey Atkins. Corey mainly grows vegetables and small grains. He needs crop insurance to help mitigate the risks of farming and allow him to invest in sustainable farming practices.

“I want Congress to know that we have to have crop insurance…We got to have some way to mitigate that risk to help you know, set a floor for farmers. Stuff is too volatile, inputs are too high, commodity prices change, you know, so fast. We don’t know when we planted the seed in the spring, what the outcome is going to be come fall.” 

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