Easy-to-use Cover Crop, Forage, and Conservation Seed Mixes Now Available

Farmers, ranchers, and outdoor enthusiasts gain access to an elite lineup of forage, cover crop, and conservation seed mixes as Renovo Seed hits the market. Brand president Shannon Kubik says its 80-plus proven seed mixes take the guesswork out of seed choices, making it easier for a diverse group of customers to diversify their crop plan.

“At Renovo Seed, our goal is to take the complex world that is seed and simplify it for any farmer, rancher, or other grower. Whether you’re looking for cover crops to implement into your crop rotation, are wanting to add high-quality alfalfa or grass into your lineup for livestock feed, are looking into conservation seeding, or wanting to do something with a food plot, our team of experts can help with any of that. Ultimately, our goal is to provide practical seed solutions that ensure both productivity and profitability for users today and into the future.”

She says the launch of Renovo Seed’s commercial seed brand is a first for the forage, cover crop, and conservation space.

“Our team at Renovo Seed knows this industry like the back of our hands and looks to continue to provide high-quality products for our customers throughout North America. With our backing with a supply chain powerhouse that is Millborn, a company that’s been around for more than 35 years in this industry, we’re able to access over 1,200 high-quality products along with the established vertically-integrated supply chain that Millborn offers, so we can ensure our customers receive high-quality products that meet their operations’ needs.”

Kubik talks about where and how to find Renovo Seed as the network continues to expand.

“Renovo Seed can now be found locally at seed dealers and ag retailers throughout North America, and we want to continue to grow our distribution footprint so producers can find the seed they need in their back door. We also know that some customers like to do their own research and even purchase products online, so people can access more information about our product lineup at or call our offices directly and talk to one of our product experts. At the end of the day, we want to make sure that producers have access to the information and products they need, when and where they need it. And so, we’re focused on continuing to grow our distribution footprint throughout North America so people can make sure that they make a decision and have the seed they need in their hand as quickly as possible.”

A better seed-buying experience is also the driving force behind the Renovo Seed website.

“Our website is filled with things like seed-selector tools, agronomic information, videos from our product experts, how-to information, and also testimonials from customers, which gives people the tools they need at their fingertips. With our goal of having producers make sure that they can simplify the seed selection and purchasing process, our website at is another great tool that we continue to add to daily. So, if you’re ready to renew, revive, and restore your land and take the guesswork out of your forages, cover crops, conservation seedings, and other seed needs, you can visit our website at or reach out to your local Renovo seed dealer today.”