Premium Technology in Smaller Case IH Planters

Narrow operating windows make maximizing productivity essential during planting and harvest, regardless of farm size. Dave Brennan, planter marketing manager for Case IH, talks about why Case IH added the smaller Early Riser planters to their portfolio.

“We’ve had a premium technology offering in our planters since the launch of the 2000 series Early Riser planter back in 2016. But those typically have only been larger size planters –  I’ll say 12 row and above – when you get down to it, technology can benefit all of those growers, and specifically those growers that maybe are a little smaller than average field size and are mixed-revenue operators. That technology really helps them not only with productivity but agronomically speaking as well, and it improves their bottom-line opportunity.”

He talks about which farmers need a planter of this size.

“Those mixed-revenue operators really can benefit from an increased level of productivity. Those growers are typically feeding livestock in the mornings, switching gears going to more of their row crops scenario midday, and then back to feeding their livestock in the evening. So, those growers really can benefit from that increased level of productivity to get as much done as they can in those narrow operating windows. In addition to that, the Early Riser 2120 can be a game changer for any grower looking at a six row, eight row, 30-inch configuration or even our 11 row, 15-inch configuration. Ultimately, it’s those growers that historically had to retrofit this technology onto their planter. Now they’re calling one dealer, one location for service, for support, and also the initial sale. And we’ll help them deliver that uniform emergence that they’ve come to know and expect from the Early Riser Planter offering.”

Kelly Kravig, platform marketing manager with Case IH, says premium technology doesn’t stop at planting. He talks about what farmers can look forward to with the new Axial-Flow 160 series.

“The advantage that the 160 series brings is we now include Harvest Command in the base machine, and what that does is it allows an individual who is a less-than-experienced operator to be able to operate the machine efficiently, so we can dramatically improve productivity and efficiency of the combine with a less-experienced operators. So, we now offer harvest command on our class six and class seven machines, so our entire portfolio of combines from 160 series all the way through to our largest 250 Series offers this technology.”

He talks about the additional features included with the new Axial-Flow 160 series.

“All of these machines come with our Crossflow Cleaning System which significantly increases our overall efficiency of the cleaning system, especially in hillside operations. So, with Crossflow, irregardless of whether you’re on flat ground or you are on a hillside, you can maintain your productivity. All of these machines are Stage Five Emissions Compliant, so from our perspective on combines, they have the latest emissions and efficiency in our product portfolio, so there’s a lot of plusses.”

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