Still No Rain and None in Sight

Climatologist Corey Davis Joining me now, and boy fall has sprung! I know that’s not the saying, but it certainly feels like fall now with our first freeze event has taken place so we can we can draw that line on the calendar huh?

That’s right, Mike, and it was really right in time for the start of November. We did have very cool temperatures beginning on Thursday morning and this morning as well dipping down into the in some cases that the low to mid 20s across central and western North Carolina, even some upper 20s and low 30s across the eastern part of the state. So that does work the first freeze of the season for those areas. Just looking at how that compares to the average first freeze dates. We usually get Halloween as a rough guidepost for when to expect that at least across the Piedmont and again, we were not far off of that this year, maybe just a day or two late in parts of eastern North Carolina like Goldsboro and Lumberton. Their average first freeze date is around one weekend November around November the fifth to seventh so they were a few days early but overall a pretty timely first freeze a bit. In some years. We have seen those as early as mid-October. But in this case, it waited until at least the turn of the calendar to November

And just a little bit later in South Carolina for those anticipated first freezes.

That’s right, we did have some cool temperatures even along the coast and South Carolina. North Myrtle Beach got down to 33 yesterday morning. So not quite at the freezing mark but pretty close to it. But you’re right those especially interior areas in South Carolina will generally be another few days to maybe a week later than their neighbors in North Carolina. But they’ve also seen some pretty cool temperatures last couple days.

Now when that cold front came in on Halloween. We thought there might be some rain that came along with it but that didn’t really show up did it?

Unfortunately not, Mike, That system was really more of a trick than a treat on Halloween because we had some very gray skies. And dreary weather. We certainly felt that the effects of that system with our temperature drop off, but there was just not a lot of moisture there. The most that we saw was about a 10th of an inch of rain all across the state and most areas have less than that. So that was the only precipitation of the past week. So it was another very dry week. And one thing we can look at to get a sense of how long it’s been since we’ve had a decent rain is the number of days since a wedding rain event which we usually define is about a quarter of an inch. If you remember Mike earlier this year when it felt like we were getting rained every weekend. That number was rarely getting above about seven days. Well now we’re looking at two to three weeks between 14 and 21 days since a wedding rain event across most of the Carolinas