Farm Bill Delays: “This Too Shall Pass”

The question is when the new farm bill will finally be in place. Jim Wiesemeyer, a political analyst for Pro Farmer, talks about what’s going to happen with the new bill.

“Later rather than sooner. That’s why I never put a year on a farm bill, and I’ve covered 11 of the 19 in our history, by the way. The reasons are similar to what we’ve had for the last few months, funding. They’re trying to find more funding. I think, eventually, they will, but maybe not the dollar amount they want to improve Title One, which is the safety net program. But now, we also have a timing issue.”

While the timeline is what he calls “murky,” Wiesemeyer says don’t be quick to rule out a new farm bill in 2024.

“The most important fact for your audience is that doesn’t rule out a new farm bill next year, but it looks like it would start with 2025 crops. Why? That gives USDA time to write the implementation language for a glut of regulations, etc.”

He offers some words of advice to people anxiously waiting for a new farm bill.

“This too shall pass. I always want to tell lawmakers you eventually come to an agreement. Why does it take so long? Get in a room. They ought to bolt it because they’re smart people and even smarter staff, by the way, and they can come to an agreement. For the farmers, I would say there’ll be peaks and valleys, as they know, in the crop and livestock prices.”