NC Commissioner Troxler: Military Discount on Forest Service Tree Seedling Orders through November

Military members receive a 20% discount on N.C. Forest Service tree seedling orders through November. Discount available for active, retired and honorable discharged members.

 I am very proud of the N.C. Forest Service’s Nursery and Tree Improvement program, which raises tree seedlings from seeds collected from native trees throughout the year.

 I wish I had come up with this idea, but this program has been around for nearly 100 years.

 It started in 1924 with the goal of providing a reliable, affordable and high-quality supply of tree seedlings for residents interested in restocking and harvesting their forestland.

 The Tree Improvement Program area has specifically focused on developing improved selections of key tree species that are of high economic value to forest landowners.

 Some of these species include loblolly pine, longleaf pine, shortleaf pine, Eastern white pine and Atlantic white cedar.

 This program ensures residents have access to the best native trees and genetics available for use on their land.

 Through the month of November, we are offering a 20% discount to military members – active, retired or honorably discharged – in appreciation for their service.

 Many members of the military call North Carolina home and are forest landowners.

 The discount applies to the first $500 of all new orders, up to a $100 discount.

 Current available inventory includes southern yellow pines, native oaks and hardwoods, native understory grasses and Christmas tree species. Orders can be placed by calling 1-888-NCTREES.

 You can find a complete list of available species and pricing on the N.C. Forest Service’s website at