NC Commissioner Troxler: Choose an NC Christmas Tree or Greenery This Year

A fresh North Carolina Christmas tree or greenery could be part of your holiday celebrations as Christmas trees, wreaths and garland arrive at farmers markets, roadside stands and stores. You can also create special family memories selecting your own tree at a cut-your-own operation. Wherever you find yours, it’s a great year to buy local and support North Carolina Christmas tree growers.

  • Mike, I hope you have noticed that I have been very patient and let everyone celebrate Thanksgiving before I started talking about Christmas trees and encouraging folks to buy a fresh cut North Carolina tree.
  • We did a post on Facebook the other day and polled people on whether they put their trees up before or after Thanksgiving.
  • I know there are people in both camps, but more people said they put their trees up after Thanksgiving than before, so I think it’s been ok to wait to talk about them.
  • We are blessed in North Carolina to have Christmas tree farms across the state. And we have a strong reputation for producing high quality trees.
  • In fact, we produce over 20 percent of the Christmas trees in U.S. and are second in production only to Oregon.
  • I like to think that Oregon can handle the West Coast and we’ll take care of the East Coast.
  • Not to mention that Christmas trees from North Carolina have graced the White House 15 times, including a Fraser fir that made the journey up to Washington D.C. from Cline Church Nursery in Avery County last week.
  • We will also be sending up the White House Christmas tree in 2024, so I say all that to say North Carolina trees make quite a good impression.
  • The holidays are a special time for making memories with friends and family, and many of those traditions and celebrations take place around the Christmas tree.
  • Not much beats the smell of a fresh cut Christmas tree in my opinion.
  • My family and I look forward to putting up a fresh North Carolina Christmas tree every year and I enjoy seeing my grandkids gather around it.
  • Buying a North Carolina tree is great way to support North Carolina agriculture and a North Carolina farmer.
  • North Carolina has over 300 Christmas tree growers, with around 37 million trees growing on over 32 ,000 acres.
  • That’s a lot of trees and they represent a lot of stages of growth since it takes around 7 years for a tree to reach a harvestable size.
  • Shoppers will find a lot of options for purchasing trees from farmers markets, roadside stands and grocery stores to pick-your-own farm locations.
  • Christmas tree farmers are busy cutting and moving trees to shopping locations as we speak and I expect there will be a good supply of trees this year.
  • If you have never had a fresh Christmas tree during the holidays, make this the year to start a great new tradition.