Crop Nutrition Week February 5-9: Elevate Every Acre

2024 is the second year for Crop Nutrition Week, being celebrated February 5-9. Stephanie Zelinko, national agronomist for AgroLiquid, talks about what’s new this year.

“Crop Nutrition Week, we are in year two. It’s a relatively new event that we have, and it’s a virtual event that’s going to connect our growers in the industry with various agronomy experts across the U.S. This gives us an opportunity to talk specifically on crop nutrition because there’s a week for everything, and there wasn’t one for crop nutrition. As growers are shooting for those higher yields, they want more information on how they can be successful and attain those yields. Having a week specifically for crop nutrition allows us to talk, in-depth, about some of those different topics and then have new information.”

The theme for Crop Nutrition Week is Elevate Every Acre, and it will include some new information this year.

“We always talk about how I can get more yield or how can I get more dollars to return out of my acre in my crop production, and so by having Crop Nutrition week, we have all these topics spread out throughout the week. You can get a little bit of information on a number of different topics each day. We’re going to talk about things like how you can test things on your own farm and help you make those management decisions. There’s lots of information on the industry but getting real information for your own farm will help you make better decisions if that’s a good option for you. Other topics, we’re going to talk about secondary and micronutrients. You know, we did a good job in the past talking about primary nutrients, but we kind of forget about some of those other nutrients. Sulfur has been pretty well talked about the last couple of years, but things like magnesium, and calcium, those are a little bit more hidden, so we’re going to have some discussions on that, and then things that you can do to help improve that overall management of your farming operation.”

It’s a virtual event, so Zelinko talks about how to access the content.

“It is 100 percent virtual, so to register for the event, you can go to the website, which is crop nutrition, and just go ahead and the information in there and register. If you do that, you’re going to be eligible to win some prizes throughout the week. And then all the information is going to be sent to that email address that you register with, and so you can make sure you can get all that information on a daily basis.”

Zelinko talks about some of the participants in this year’s panel discussions.

“We’re excited to have more people participate in our panels this year. So, we have a wide variety of people, our AgroLiquid experts from that side where we have a number of agronomists who will help with those discussions. We also have tied in some of the growers from the extreme ag community, so one of those influencer groups that are out there promoting agriculture, and then we also have some ag retailers that will kind of bring you some perspective from their area looking at both the agronomic support side but also a number of them are growers as well, so they have that farm background.”

There is no deadline to sign up. She encourages growers to register even if they miss some or all of Crop Nutrition Week. The content on the website will stay accessible, and growers will still get the panel discussions and resources. Go to