Skor Highlights Diverse Bio-Industries

Heading further into 2024, one of the top missions for Growth Energy is year-round, nationwide access to E15. Growth Energy CEO Emily Skor spoke on E15 during her keynote address at the group’s annual meeting.

“This past year, we saw some big wins at the state level. Nebraska followed Iowa’s lead with a statewide E15 standard, ensuring that every retailer in the state will offer the Earth-kind, engine-smart fuel choice. Five states added E15 tax incentives. E15 is now legal in Phoenix and Montana. We’re continuing to build momentum in the state capitals, but we all know that E15 will truly take off when the federal government opens access permanently year-round.”

Year-round E15 will save money on fuel costs for drivers. She says that’s a proven fact.

“Last summer, E15 saved drivers, on average, 15 cents a gallon, and in some instances, 40 to 60 cents per gallon. That makes a difference. Drivers can’t afford to see those savings vanish on June 1. Fortunately, after tireless work from Midwestern governors, the EPA should issue final rulemaking this spring to allow year-round E15 in eight states. Eight states is progress, but we cannot allow E15 to become a regional niche fuel.”

Skor says Growth Energy will be advocating for a legislative E15 solution on Capitol Hill.

“We’re continuing our work with lawmakers to achieve what we really need: a legislative solution that is permanent, nationwide, and not reversible in court because America cannot build a long-term energy future one state or one temporary waiver at a time.

The biofuel industry has picked up several wins during recent years, but she said more battles are ahead. Winning those battles means great opportunities are yet to come.

“We’ve been fighting for the RFS and E15 for many years. And while government is never fast enough for business, we’ve come a long way. And we’re going to keep on battling until we win, but these fights are now only part of an even bigger task ahead of us. We are beginning a whole new chapter for the bio-economy, and this is our time to shine.”