Consumer Demand for Potatoes Strong

The U.S. potato industry has seen quite the turnaround in volume the past year with a pretty healthy rebound.

Kim Brashears, Chief Marketing Officer at Potatoes USA, says it’s really been an up and down, OR down and up year for potatoes.

 “2023 was kind of the tale of two stories. We had a tight crop year a year ago, so we didn’t have quite as many potatoes available. This year, the crop is larger than it was previously, so we have quite a few potatoes to promote. But throughout that all, the demand among consumers for potatoes has remained quite strong. You know, the price of goods is obviously higher than it’s been before. As it relates to potatoes, it’s still one of the more affordable products that’s available to them, particularly in the produce department. Yes, there have been price increases for consumers, but there’ve been prices increases for all products that are out there.” 

Brashears says consumers have learned a lot about potatoes in recent years and really love them.

“Every study we ever do demonstrates that in so many different facets, so many different ways. Their perceptions of the healthfulness or nutritional value that potatoes provide to them, consumers are understanding more and more and there’s just high demand for the product. This year, 2024, we’re continuing to promote potatoes. We really are trying to make sure that younger generations, Gen-Z, who are fresh into the buying market, understand the benefits of potatoes and know how to cook with them and understand the nutritional benefits.” 

Brashears says America’s favorite vegetable continues to thrive.

“Even with the inflationary challenges that we’re all facing right now, that their a product that’s accessible and affordable and delicious and will remain on consumers’ plates. So, I want the industry to understand that there’s a strong market out there and demand for potatoes.” 

Brashears says the versatility of potatoes addresses so many different pallets and is why demand remains at such a high level.