Still a Chance of Frost and Freeze in Forecast

It’s certainly feeling like spring, in fact maybe late spring more so than March right now. I’m talking with Corey Davis from the State Climate Office of North Carolina about this and unseasonably warm temperatures at least during the daytime this week.

Especially over the last week we had been climbing through the upper 60s into the low to mid 70s. And then yesterday we had a number of areas, including Raleigh, hit the 80 degree mark. So very unseasonably warm for this time of the year.

And we have also had some good rain and a lot of it in certain spots. So is there any rain in the forecast?

We will have at least some light rain moving through later today. First off, we’ll have a pretty warm that afternoon here as well. Areas in eastern North and South Carolina. can expect to get up around 80 degrees and not into the mid-80s by this afternoon. And then a cold front will move in tonight expecting some light rain, maybe a scattered thunderstorm overnight into early Saturday morning. The good news about this event is that unlike last weekend when it rained almost all day on Saturday. This rain is going to get out of our way by midday tomorrow. We’re going to be in for a really nice weekend temperatures in the mid to upper 70s on Saturday and Sunday. Then after that we’ll have another shot of that cold air coming in from the north by Monday. that’ll knock our high temperatures back into the 60s and maybe even the upper 50s on Tuesday. The other thing to watch for is that on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings, we could see some frost or even freeze conditions, especially in the Northern and Western Piedmont in North Carolina. Places like the Triad may drop down to a degree or two below freezing.

All right, you called it several weeks ago you said that we needed to wait until the end of the month to get out of the woods with that and that certainly sounds like that’s going to be the case.