National Ag Day to Be Celebrated on Tuesday

National Ag Day is Tuesday, March 19, 2024. Jenni Badding, Ag Public Relations Manager at John Deere, is the chair of the Agriculture Council of America, the organization behind the annual event.

“National Ag Day, we’re celebrating our 51st year. So, we have that long standing history there, and being the chair of the Agriculture Council of America, that organization is uniquely composed of leaders throughout agriculture, food and fiber communities, and we’re really dedicated to increasing public awareness of vital role in society.” 

The Ag Day 2024 theme is “Growing a Climate for Tomorrow.”

“That was the theme we had in ‘23 and as a board felt like that theme could resonate again here in 2024. I guess the way I look at that is the ag industry is coming together to help grow and sustain agriculture not only for today, but into the future. And when I look at sustainability, you can look at it from an environmental standpoint, but also look at it from a generational standpoint. I grew up on a family farm, at some point my father’s going to retire, my brother farms with him, passing that down to the next generation as well. And, you know, we are trying to help our farmers, ranchers and producers solve the challenges that they face every day.” 

Badding says there are many activities next week to celebrate National Ag Day on Tuesday.

“We know that not everybody can be in Washington, DC. So, we have an Ag Day virtual event that kicks off at 9am. Eastern Time. Anyone can attend that virtual event. it is free of charge, folks just need to register for that event and they can register on our website And then, we are holding an Ag Day event at the USDA Whitten patio. We will have some congressional speakers, some student representation making some remarks, and have a lunch with elected officials and staffers.” 

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