North Carolina Supplying White House with Easter Eggs

Easter egg rolls and hunts are in full swing across the country. And this year North Carolina is playing a special role in the White House Easter Egg Hunt. Emily Metz is President and CEO of the American Egg Board.

We’ve got a very special tie in with your neck of the woods this year. The egg Easter Egg Roll we’ve been involved in that since its inception, America’s egg farmers have always supported the role by providing all the eggs used on the White House lawn. This year. Those eggs, more than 64,000, are coming from one of your local farms. Braswell Family Farm is doing the egg donation for the Easter Egg Roll this year. Lots of things happening in there. They are hand dyeing about 40,000 of those eggs to head to the lawn this year with 15 gallons of die. All of their family gets involved all of their farm employees and volunteers come together to die those eggs for the lawn. And then those will make their way the 493 miles between North Carolina and DC for Easter Monday which is the way to roll so I think that’s really fun. American Egg Board Chairman of the Board this year is also a farmer from North Carolina. Simpsons Eggs’ Alex Simpson is our chairman. So he will actually be presenting the First Lady with her very special commemorative eggs this year. So a lot of tie ins with North Carolina right now, so lots of fun.

The South Lawn of the White House will be filled with activities for the whole family including storytime, games, live entertainment and the traditional Easter Egg Roll with North Carolina eggs. All that taking place on Easter Monday.