Weather Records Set in March

Mike Davis with Corey Davis from the State Climate Office of North Carolina. As you look back over the month of March, you saw some records broken, what were those?

“One of those was right along the coast of North Carolina. They had pretty regular rainfall and some heavy rainfall in those areas. So it turned out to be the wettest march on record in places like Elizabeth City, Hatteras. Ocracoke. Just to put it into perspective, how wet the month was. They average about four and a half to five inches of rain in March and Hatteras four days into the month. They had already exceeded that average. They already had six inches by then.”

Let’s talk about the temperatures in March. Any records set there?

“There were, and maybe not what we would expect because we did have some warmer days in the middle of the month. It’s actually the nighttime lows where we saw the records, places like Raleigh and then just further east and Wilson, they never dropped below freezing in the entire month. The coldest temperature measured in Raleigh was 33. The coldest temperature in Wilson was 35. And it turns out, if we go back more than 100 years, that’s only happened one other time in the month of March, and that was back in 1945.”