Taylor: Trade Mission to India Very Successful

USDA recently wrapped up a successful trade mission to New Delhi, India. Alexis Taylor, USDA Undersecretary for Trade and Foreign Agricultural Affairs, says the first mission to India in seven years was very productive.

“We are wrapping up our second agriculture trade mission to India, and it’s the third trade mission seven scheduled for 2024. We were last in India with a trade mission in October. 2017. We’ve seen a lot of positive reception in just the few days we’ve been here. We have the largest trade delegation of any ATM that I have been on. We have roughly 130 Americans with us 23 U.S. agribusinesses, and 11 State Departments of Agriculture represented in total.”

She talks about why India was an attractive destination for a trade mission.

“One of the things I think we were excited about to select India as a location for a trade mission is just some of the demographic changes we’re seeing that are causing rapidly shifting demand for things like increased protein, more variety of products like high-value food and agricultural products. Things that the United States excels in or can support and complement their existing agricultural sector here in India.”

The U.S. exports a variety of agricultural products to India.

“Our businesses have wrapped up 523 business-to-business meetings, and we’ve heard of a positive reception from those from our U.S. food and agricultural businesses that are here. Exports of U.S. agricultural products to India were nearly $2 billion last year, making India our 13th-largest single-country export market. Some of our top exports to India are horticultural products, and that’s primarily driven by tree nuts, ethanol for non-fuel use or industrial use, and cotton.”