‘Purchase Moore Hamann Bacon’: Promoting Pork with Football

A marketing initiative by the Iowa Pork Producers Association went viral last football season, encouraging consumers to purchase more ham and bacon through a clever name association. Kevin Hall, Iowa Pork Producers Association Communications Director, explains how the idea was created.

“So basically, the Iowa State football team had some players who had very unique last names that when you added them all together, they were a good way to promote pork. There’s Miles Purchase, Tyler Moore, Tommy Hamann, and Caleb Bacon. You put that together, it’s Purchase Moore Hamann Bacon, could not be more perfect. So, we did an NIL (Name Image and Likeness) partnership with them, and it took off like gangbusters, better than we could have possibly imagined.”

The effort achieved national attention within days.

“It exploded on social media. Within three hours had more than one million views on what was formerly Twitter, now X, reached over 2.6 million views. Went crazy on Facebook. Local media picked it up and then within a day or two national media was doing stories on it and TV stations across the country were running it, ESPN USA Today, it was everywhere.”

Hall says the campaign was a bright spot in 2023 for Iowa pork producers.

“Well, 2023 was a very difficult year for pork producers economically, they were struggling losing money on every hog, and this was a great way to put a smile on their face and our producers just absolutely loved it. Iowa State being an agricultural school, and this being a great way to work with players from the university and promote pork and promote agriculture, it just worked out perfectly and our producers absolutely loved it.”

Iowa Pork has also donated $10,000 worth of pork to food pantries selected by the players. Hall says the partnership will continue next season.

“Fortunately, the players were all great to work with and they’re all coming back for next season, so we’re looking at ways to keep the ball rolling with this.”

This past basketball season, the North Carolina Milk Producers Association did NIL campaigns with NC State’s DJ Burns and members of the UNC women’s team.

Image courtesy Iowa Pork Producers Association