SC Commissioner Weathers: SASDA Meetings Recap

  • It was great few days in Williamsburg catching up with fellow Southeastern commissioners and secretaries and state staff.
  • A lot of good tours, events, meetings, and networking
  • Dr. David Kohl from Virginia Tech specializes in ag economics and he provided some good insight and trends worldwide:
    • By 2040, 2/3 of wealth will be owned by females
    • China: the one child rule for 35 years and now they have almost no workforce, retirement age. Most of their wealth invested in their homes.
    • India: surpassed China in population and the median age is 29. Government limitations on exports.
    • Europe in general: 20 percent of world economy
    • He talked about trends for quarter century strategic planning and those were interesting: things like water and soil health, regenerative practices, agri-entrepreneurs like startups and value-added, women in management and ownership within agriculture, consumers and society drive trends
  • In our SASDA meeting, we had very good and productive conversations addressing things both at the state level and regional commonalities:
    • Foreign seafood mislabeling